a beautiful girl with nice curvy -ss body,the one that gets anything what’s she wants.
zaily is beautiful

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  • lion lick

    roughly -ssaulting your partners turn on spot with your tongue as he softly brushed my hair back he began his lion licking, making me moist and needy.

  • sock sprout

    when your sock’s holes are too big that your leg hair sticks out. note that the holes are not from the sock ripping. guy 1: dude whats on your sock? guy 2: i think thats leg hair. guy 3: hey everyone! this guy has a sock sprout!

  • euuugh

    an elder teacher, usually teaching a cooking / foods cl-ssroom in middle or high school. “euuugh! am i doing this right?!”

  • pee pee suck

    jeffy’s pet fish his name is pee pee suck

  • daden

    a very g-y and r-t-rded boy who’s a hoe he got kept back 2 times and claims he’s 12 but he’s really 14 he really g-y and sucks d-ck daden sucked that n-gg- d-ck

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