very hot guy,girls always want him,known to be a beast in bed with excellent s-x skills
i need zalin

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  • zalina

    zalina is a hot tempered russian woman who is beautiful and honest. she does not eff around. be cool, stop being a zalina.

  • zali steggal

    1) a famous australian downhill skier. 2) when a girl has two c-cks to play with she tossess them at the same time gripping them much like a downhill skier. 3) a chick who loves c-ck. “that chick had a 3way with two guys! she is a zali steggal.

  • zalk

    to be charged excessive legal fees by an attorney with absolutely no improvement in the outcome of your legal case “if you need a divorce lawyer in nyc, shop around for a good, ethical one: don’t get zalked.” “paris hilton really got zalked after being jailed for a .08 bac dui.”

  • zalkikar

    the best thing to ever happen to anyone. he was so happy when he met his zalkikar

  • zalko

    1: a necessary party favor; 2: one who mingles; “there’s zalko swirling the brandy in his gl-ss again.”

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