a b-tch that give good head
miracle is a hoe but she is a total zalyndrea!

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  • shiny object syndrome

    to be driven toward shiny objects. usually related to projects, in the sense that you won’t finish one project before starting a new one. brent’s shiny object syndrome prevents him from finishing any project before starting something new.

  • doing a vibe

    not turning up to planned events such as a birthday. wheres james? is he doing a vibe?

  • kayley hott

    a girl that might look sweet and innocent but under her pale white skin she is a naughty💏👅naughty girl and she might act like a good person but she also loves marijuana❤🌱💨 kayley hott is a nice girl 😁.

  • darius deforrest

    the most awesome hockey player you have ever met and gets all the ladies. that person isn’t even close to darius deforrest

  • worm nerd

    a type of person who is willing to fulfill a task properly. try hard, reminds the teach about homework, doesn’t let fellow cl-ssmates copy work, needs to chill. “bro, don’t be a worm nerd! let me see your paper!”

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