a word you say when someone turns you on and you want to tell them.
baby you make me so zamoimoi

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  • popaye

    minions use it instead of “goodbye” 1: “i have to go now, see you later!” 2: “popaye!”

  • siack

    the jamaican and slightly more aggressive cousin to “sick!”. use for extra impact. “dat is totally siack bro” (said in jamaican accent)

  • enfoodenate

    gorging on cuisine heading to vivocity to enfoodenate with an eating machine

  • lucky stiff

    drink that can gets you laid, with roofies or without “i would like to order a lucky stiff with roofies, please.”

  • stickular

    to be skinny and super flat chested with no booty, such as a stickular. i don’t care if she’s stickular, she’s great anyways.

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