another slang name for xanax (alprazolam).
soulja boy – zan with that lean

“i’m in that zan with that lean
smoke nuthin but irene
them hoes going crazy when i’m on the scene”
one very hot lady who resembles jessica rabbit.
man, that zan is one s-xy lady.
the most gangsterest of the gangsters.
yo leqwan, that niqquh just smoked a foo fo’ stealin his cornbread. fer real malcom, that niqquhs crazy. lets go play some b-ball. aight.
short for the prescription drug xanax. can mean xanax bars or footb-lls.
hey can you find any of them zans?
xanax pill
zan with that lean – soulja boy
being so awesome that it is nearly impossible to contain it inside yourself.
the other day i felt so zan because i got a heroic hagara kill.
1.) a strange man with very small genitals that enjoys extremely large woman farting on his face so he can sniff it and guess what she ate for dinner
that huge chick needs a zan in her life

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