he is the king of g-y and will allways f-ck you in the r-ct-m .
jason: zandifogo likes to eat d-cks

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  • floor is lava

    absolute garbage of a meme, probably out of fad by the time you’re reading this. person 1: the floor is lava! person 2: *lays on floor *

  • dvi cable

    intense g-y love betwixt two nerds “these two are having a bit of a dvi cable, if you know what i’m sayin’.” a euphemism for intense g-y love betwixt two nerds “mitch-ll and jacob are having a bit of a dvi cable, if you know what i’m saying.” “screw you, matey.”

  • youthism

    youthism ( state of mind ) it’s time to break away from living, in fear and brainwashing from society. we are “the kids” your parents warned you about ,all grown up that don’t let society determine the direction of our moral comp-ss. there is no planet b: we’re not colonizing the milky way any time […]

  • gooch patty

    when you put baby powder down your underwear and the sweat from your gooch forms it into a patty. i’m sweating so bad i have a huge gooch patty.

  • bozich

    one of the coolest names you’ve ever herd! it mean there is a beatiful young girl in the family and a young little boy too. did you see that cute litttle bozich girl

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