the scientific word for dank
those are some pretty zangsty memes you got there!

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  • hog collar

    when u place a fat chick in a state of dibs between boys me and my buddy were cruising the strip but couldn’t find a proper female but seen a cute chubby girl and i told him i’m putting a hog collar on that one. which placed her in a state of dibs

  • akeele

    a person that is nice cute and smart and love themselves full with fun akeele is a cutie

  • colucci

    colucci means a funny person, who’s voice sounds like heaven. colucci is sophia look, colucci sounds like heaven

  • interference

    executive process inhibitions verb generation working memory the stop-signal task is known to involve executive control processes, including response inhibition, although these have been localized to brain regions that do not overlap with regions -ssociated with the interference resolution demands of verb generation and working memory

  • marama

    a beautiful kind person with a heart of gold, is slightly insane but everyone in her life loves her for that. and is friendly easy to talk too, and will put others first. and means moon in maori. wow that maramas bright (in both ways)

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