a d-ck in general
” zanutix is a zanutix”

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  • tape

    a male’s hair line done at the barborshop , used mostly in southern florida, broward county. -go get a tape -man you need a tape -d-mn they f-cked up your tape an adhesive band used for affixing one thing to another. i duct taped his arm back on to his body. code name for mary […]

  • memay

    a memay is even bigger than the average meme. person 1 – yo mandem, have you seen this 9/11 meme? person 2 – nah f-ck that mate, look at this mike pence memay person 1 – oh my f-cking god -goes on to laugh for 10 mins-

  • tem bbal

    a player who has items higher level than their own. that noob is a tem bbal, he has the blade of the fire goddess.

  • forgot to say bye

    when your friend luke rudely hangs up the skype call with you because his mom is yelling at him to get ready then you’re still technically still in a call with him. “hey you forgot to say bye so we’re technically still in a call” “wow travis you’re so smart this is why you’re my […]

  • cletzaly

    a wiredo in a good way by:jennifer g. “that girl is totally cletzaly”

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