not meant to happen
“the chances of me p-ssing this test are like the chances of zanvis happening”

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  • alex ash

    a b-tch -ss hoe c-nt dog if you’re alex ash kys

  • grimbark

    the state of being a dog person who is incidentally also evil. “hey, what happened to jade?” “she went grimbark.”

  • giannie

    she is a girl that loves pigs and has a fat -ss i want a giannie

  • cybersock

    sahy-bur-sok noun 1. a disposable ejaculatory containment device used by males who do not like to -j-c-l-t- all over furniture while skypew-nking. don kept his cybersocks in a different drawer than his regular socks to avoid socially awkward situations.

  • shart blaster

    the act of blasting music in a short amount of time. person: *turns up music really loud with headphones* person 2: mom! jade is being a shart blaster!

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