princess, beautiful girl, majestic
zapharia is a beautiful princess

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  • keuka twin

    keuka twin is when you are born on the same day as your sibling two years to the day. example: ray blessed the world with his presence two years after jay was born. they both in turn went up on the (your life is lit af) scale. just for being a keuka twins

  • reach hoe

    a side chick outside your group of friends that your girlfriend does not know about. however, she is know to your boys as a loose woman ready for action at the drop of a dime. my reach hoe called while i was out with girlfriend and i made plans to meet up with her later […]

  • the texas two step

    like the australian two step but with rattle snakes. (i can’t believe i feel the need to say it but, just don’t do it.) nah, i ante gonna fight you. but i am gonna make you walk the texas two step.

  • thank the dark gods

    thanking the dark gods is another way thanking something or someone for existing. e.g things like nutella, chocolate, etc. things that you like. thank the dark gods for nutella. it is so good and creamy!

  • unpickapartable

    (adj.) something that cannot be fixed, for its to perfect to be messed with a movie like, the shawshank redemption, can be described as unpickapartable.

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