when you walk up next to your friend and pound them in the b-lls with your fist. whaen your -friend- is on the ground crying then it becomes a zaptapugen.
hey g oveer there and zaptap steve.

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  • zaptar

    a term for vaporized marijuana, especially after use in the volcano and normally collected in a container or jar. saved for later use to make cannab-tter. person 1: “yo, where’s the zaptar?” person 2: “zaptar that guy!”

  • Zapterning

    a form of saying whats happening. ” yo n-gg- you got some trees? ” ” yeah man you know whats zapterning. “

  • Zap the Zipper

    when you steal somebody’s zipper off of their pants with a taser. this usually ends in a very painful result. dude, jessica just totally went off to zap the zipper on vincent!

  • zaptoo

    a rotten nectarine found under furniture i was vacuuming when i found that zaptoo under the sofa

  • zaptos

    in arizona this is what we call shoes. shoot! they threw my zapatos up on the power lines.

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