the best person at sports zaquavian, can get all the ladies, he is the s-xiest boy in the world and it’s rare to find a name like that, but if u do u should keep him
dang there goes that s-xy zaquavian

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    she is amazing she is awesome she makes everyone smile when there sad or mad she is such a good good friend if you find a azzerya you are as lucky as can be audrey found a girl named azzerya and they became bffs

  • gunuch

    a gunuch is like a eunuch that uses guns to replace his b-lls. he is such. gunuch. whenever anyone calls him a wimp he buys another gun to show how tough he is.

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    a girl who doesn’t know how to live life correctly and often fail horribly friend: “hey you know that girl alianette?” me: “yeah, she’s a b-tch” friend: “roastedddddd”

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    to do what you want how you not worrying about how anyone feels about it. ” yo you work today ? ” “yeah man i hate it, they try tell me what to do i just dragg on them”

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    v-g-n- i got a great perinatal

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