basically a f-ggot weeaboo who thinks traps aren’t g-y
man you’re being like zavarius

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  • schrodingers f*ggot

    1. someone who may or may not be g-y. 2. when you have s-xual relations with someone of the same s-x to find out whether you’re g-y, bi, or straight. j: “dude, did you hear john banged a dude the other night to see if he was g-y?” k: “he like it?” j: “yeah i […]

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    juquentin is the most confident guy you can be around he got all the hoes and still be loyal to his main girl when he get one he is a keeper and girls are lucky to be with him cuz he h-lla funny and eat too d-mn much buhh he is a all around cool […]

  • throw cheers

    to throw cheers is to encourage others to drink liquor gl-ss after gl-ss as in “cheers!” a: these girls always throw cheers to my boys. b: i bet they are sl-ts.

  • fishmalk

    a person or character who behaves in a “random” or “wacky” manner in an attempt at humor, to the annoyance of those around them. the term is believed to have originated from the “vamprie: the dark ages” rulebook for the “the dark ages” roleplaying game, as a portmanteau of the word fish (notorious for their […]

  • ghalato

    killed died got shot – way to say someone p-ssed away violently, used when other people might be listening to your conversation. “i swear dude, jimmy got ghalato.” “it’s because he got ghalato.”

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