ugly, annoying, stupid, mean, disgusting, inappropriate, player and has cotton candy hair
what, he is such a zavon

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  • fatty mc d*ld*

    usually referred to fat people with d-ld-s up their -sses me: hey fatty mc d-ld- got beans? fatty mc d-ld-: ya f-cked a d-ld- today, why? me: get in the bin.

  • cant math

    a slang term for an inability to excel in mathematics. “ugh, i have algebra next period and i’m dreading it. i seriously can’t math. “omg, the cash register broke and the barista couldn’t figure out what change to give me from a thirty cent purchase. trustafarians can’t math.”

  • diljob

    when you have a bl-wj-b with a d-ld-. d-mn, that was a nice diljob.

  • mollycrank

    verb to deliberately bust a n-gg-s sh-t with the full intent of upmost disrespect. “d-mn, that n-gg- just got mollycranked! ” “oh yeah daquan, mollycrank his dumb-ss!” “that n-gg- can’t check you bro, mollycrank him!”

  • millburn middle school

    sixth, seventh, and eighth graders who take up the town. boys wear vineyard vines or bar mitzvah sweatshirts and act like they are so cool and girls wear tight leggings to show their -sses, with expensive clothes and jewlry they get from the short hills mall and are very b-tchy and think they are the […]

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