a male that is found to be thoughtful, articulate, handsome, insightful, p-ssionate and pr-ne to drawing an audience through charm. he is often also -ssociated with the characteristics of an elliott.
she was blessed to have a zayden.

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  • Zaydorade

    an energy drink which does not give any energy to the intended drinker, but rather gives energy to those around him/her by causing him/her to be ridiculously awesome and hilarious. comes from the latin root “zayd”, meaning man who is amazing. dude, drink me some zaydorade, so that we can canoe of this ledge of […]

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    a d-ck (in hebrew)…slang yesh lo zayin gadol! (he has a big zayin) 1) the seventh letter of the hebrew alphabet, representing the sound of the letter z. 2) a p-n-s. meaning (2) taken from the shape of the letter referred to in meaning (1).

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    noun a physical appearence of a person with a huge head and a tall skinny body. he/she looks like a p-n-s. bob keeps eating and growing but is only gaining width and weight in his head. i think he suffers from zayin syndrome.

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