shorthand for zero bullsh-t mode
we worked on the paper all day long and i wanted to bang her but she was in zbm, it was impossible.

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  • chocolate fudge

    when a latina woman sh-ts on a black guys d-ck and sucks it off , followed by f-cking him and sniffing his p-n-s afterwards i love me a chocolate fudge ,ooooooh.

  • chiddy dames

    a weird little g-y f-ck who is often h-m-phobic and afraid to come out of the closet, often referred to as chidster jeez he’s acting lik a real chiddy dames today im afraid to tell my friends i’m actually a chiddy dames

  • answerriding

    riding off someone else’s answers copying them steve was answerriding my essay trying to get a better grade. teacher: name an emotion student 1: jealous student 2: envious student 1: why you gotta answerride tho?

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    a f-cking stupid curry boi stop being a yash dhukate!

  • groomsing

    the act of s-xual molestation which one may or may not like. can be used with those older as well as younger. guy: “stop groomsing me; you’re giving me a b-n-r.” other guy: “bet.”

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