french f-ggot

angels a f-cking zbwah

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  • ernesto syndrome

    when a person has lost the ability to comprehend simple tasks and sudden confusion emerges, making the said person a tanfi. yo i hit the blunt the other day and that sh-t gave me ernesto syndrome, i felt like a tanfi yo!

  • slim snippings

    when you are low on weed and a friend asks to buy some off you , but you don’t have a lot left ; snippings as in what your getting off the bud friend: can i get a g from you ? me : nah man , it’s been slim snippings lately , wait till […]

  • haitham talaat

    the muslim version of a poorly educated christian apologist. haitham talaat says that evolution is false, his source is discovery inst-tute.

  • landrum bag

    adj…. typically used to describe uncouth douche bag behavior found in some males of small stature and even smaller equipment. not to be confused with regular douche baggery, this descriptive is applicable only for extreme amounts of db and true -sshats that are known to prey on the seemingly weak and doesn’t have any game. […]

  • heffamancy

    the act of stealing someone’s man. emelda i used heffamancy on bubbles.

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