the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. also the best friend you can ever have. she is so loyal and loves everyone and has a big heart. anyone who hates her gets hated on too. she is the most attractive brown haired brown eyed girl ever. she is hilarious. but don’t mess with her. she may have a big heart, but she will mess you up.
“omg look at that girl ove there”
“what’s her name?!?”
“she is so beautiful”
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1. a seed; 2. in greek legend, a woman of ill-repute who is rejected by the man whom she was to marry, and in her melancholia, then unknowingly rejects the man she was destined to be with. 3. empathethic for having suffered greatly.
“he broke up with her months ago, but she met a new guy!”
“so what’s he like?”
“a total prince charming, a dream come true!”
“great! so they’re a couple now?
“no, she pulled a zea, and unexpectedly broke-up with him.”
a proper right fool
stop being a zea

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