twenty-five sizes larger than a a bra.
fat beatch had milkers so large that she needed a zebra to contain them.
a person who is half black and half white. often times offensive.
haha, look at that zebra!
an offspring of a white and black relationship
barack hussein obama is a zebra
(n) common slang term for referees or field officials in certain sports (particularly in american football) due to the white and black striped uniforms
that zebra should be hunted down for that -ssinine ‘p-ss interference’ call.
a horse-like animal with black and white stripes.
“oh god, the zebra is killing humanity!” said jonathan.
any of several swift, wild, horselike african mammals of the genus equus, having distinctive overall markings of alternating white and black or brown stripes.
is that zebra black with white stipes or white with black stripes?
1. a tasty gum of many differently flavored and colored sticks.
zebra gum is so tasty.

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