the extra spicy and s-ssy sister of bodacious.
guuuurrrrlll i got dis zedacious b–b job the other day. the t-tties are on fleek! *snaps

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  • wonkatater

    when an edge weld looks like sh-t/the weld falls off to one side yeah, looks good except the beginning was wonkatater.

  • sutiable

    how a person who failed high school (or never attended high school) would spell “suitable.” “ajakinabox said ‘that video is only sutiable for people 18 and under.”‘i think he might have been huffing glue…”

  • jayann

    one of the most trustworthy girls you will ever meet. she is so pretty/gorgeous. if you are lucky enough to meet someone names jayann never let her go she’s one of a kind. jayanns are unique. jayann looked so pretty today. i feel like i can tell jayann anything.

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    a person who is very much fond of cars he is very much gokz

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    someone who’s given birth name is john but goes by jack did you know his name is actually john? yeah, he’s a total jackjohn

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