big fat white londoner
ur mums a zeddo

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  • dingleberry peacebridge

    a dingleberry that connects from frontal pubic hairs to your -n-s owww that made my -ss hurt … i must have a dingleberry peacebridge.

  • yiska

    lovely, amazing, smart, artsy kinda person. i like them i think they are really interesting. wow yiska is really funny.

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    the act of convincing someone you are going to perform coitus. you then use their facilities to drop a bowel movement. upon finishing said bowel movement you proceed to exit quite hastily. dam that girl comes in like we were gonna get it on, she took a dump and ran. she just got me with […]

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  • dush nugget

    aka taylor a dush nuggett is a person who sleeps and doesn’t text boyfriend/girlfriend back u are such a dush nuggett

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