really buetiful
that girl is so zenaida
zeni is maganda! she is beautiful and bad~azz from the inside out. she is the biggest celtics fan you’d met. your lucky to have her as a friend. she can talk sailor lingo like no other. tom cruise is her soulmate.
tom cruise loves zenaida’s filipina feline ways.

rondo called zenaida when he was near td garden.
1. (n.) a person who will show up at least 10 minutes late to every event
2. (adj.) quirky, witty, sarcastic, and hilarious
3. (n.) an amazing friend who’s always down for hoodlum activities
1. don’t pull a zenaida and wake up for work when the shift starts!
2. that zenaida girl always makes me laugh!
3. i love being ratchet with zenaida

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