a zentumaphor is a large mistake that takes place in a text message.
i caused a zentumaphor in my message to my friend saying,”i like to eat p–p” instead of soup.

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  • kreepmode

    a person, place, or thing that has had s-x in an ambercrombie & fitch kids store, and feels no shame in it. did you just kreepmode your boss?

  • barbod

    most likely the person everyone hates. he is over weighted and fat, making everybody hate him. he is desperate for friends, always trying to get girls, but yet always gets rejected. for some reason, he’s the one with a sushi, a taco, and rice on his same plate from different people. don’t be such a […]

  • ukrainian waterballoon

    when an uncirc-mcised man squeezes his foreskin over the tip of his p-n-s and starts to urinate causing his closed foreskin to fill up like a water balloon “yo i got bored while i was p-ssing last night so i gave myself a ukrainian waterballoon”

  • vandilization

    a word for vandalizing when you can’t think of what to say… definitely a real word they don’t have a fence around the cemetery because they trust there will be no vandilization

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