zenze is the person you’ll fall inlove with but only when she feels like it, she is kind and very confident, makes weird jokes but you’ll laugh and feel weird
you are so funny like zenze

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  • shabadap**py

    an amazing word kniwn formely to alien kind this word was inveted to tell someone they were hungry. shabadap–py… heres some doritos mate

  • *ss juggie

    when your s-ssy walk gets a little too s-ssy, your -ss goes up and down and up and down and up….. omg! did you see her on the red carpet? total -ss juggie right there!!!

  • pear shaped body

    a body type typically meaning that your bust (b–bies) are smaller than your hips, thighs, and bottom. one of the more common body types and most attractive. d-mn look at sara walk! shaking that pear shaped body! what i would do to hit it!

  • 4ou

    the 2016 world tour that the dolan twins (ethan and grayson dolan) went on. did you go to 4ou??

  • sonic mania

    game of the year in 2017 sonic mania and sonic forces will win goty in 2017

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