a big baby b-tch
zeprute is a b-tch

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  • warm goodness

    s-m-n that is applied to an unwilling girl’s face. megan did not want paul to c-m on her face but he handcuffed her and shot that warm goodness all over her face.

  • su*cide daddy

    a really hot guy that’s always high and everyone knows him. aren’t you suicide daddy?? some 16 year old lil pump wannabe who thinks he has clout and is most likely gonna die from excessive drug abuse before the age of 28. probably a soundcloud rapper. “is that lil pump?” “no it’s just suicide daddy.”

  • iron bull

    1. a large man with horns that will bang any person in sight 2. a big bad-ss that loves dragons 1. that man is a total iron bull! he’ll do anything to get laid. 2. he’s such an iron bull. he has tons of dragon posters in his room.

  • cholera cake

    another name for a jamaican patty; a semi-sweet pastry filled with diarrhea-inducing mystery “meat”. i’m hurting today… i had a dozen beers and two cholera cakes last night.

  • jav

    an abreviation of the “j-panese adult video” industry – often used in terms of models and video outlets jav models, jav gallery, jav store another word for amazing, epic, sick, insane etc. everyone was using it in kos this summer *drive down an “amazing” road” that road was jav one who is extremely cool/has a […]

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