one who has no desire to get married and commits himself to at least one wife—he just wants to have all the fun without the h-ssle of family commitment.
since monogamy is just too boring, and polygamy involves too much of infighting between the wives, billionaire ali made up his mind to be zerogamous for life, while still enjoying the company of multiple s-xual partners.
more than just being celibate or as-xual, one is zerogamous when one is celibate for reasons that make one feel like a loser. one is not zerogamous out of choice, and one is not happy about it.
ever since my girlfriend went back to spain, i’ve been so zerogamous i’m starting to forget how it works.

i’m pretty sure that if i don’t start hitting the gym more often, i’m going to be zerogamous for the rest of my life.

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