zesty meme

when something is so dank that it goes to an even higher tier of amazing
mrs. rachel makes very zesty memes with her youtube videos.

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  • c*m squirrel

    when you give a facial to someone with teeth that stick out. woah those are some big -ss teeth… i’d love to make you my little c-m squirrel and bust a nut on your face.

  • hafab

    a word created by maria while trying to say “hahaha” and somehow f-cking up so hard that she typed “hafab”. till this day no one knows wtf she was thinking “wtf is hafab?” said the amazing g (her bf) to what she answered: “i meant to say “hahaha” but ya know” (she cute af)

  • shmypical

    where one holds tradition or does something according to his stereotype shmyps pesh would try and talk to that chick shmyps jonathon diddago shmyps sciencle lady’s breath stinks her breath stinks, how shmypical

  • catuto

    catuto is a smart witty latin fella with tons of energy. his spirit animal is much like a capuchin monkey. he has a high likeability factor but when you get to know him, you will either hate him or love him. mostly love, his weirdness will get the best of you. all in all he […]

  • fartpool

    when you and your friend both have to p–p, so you fartpool to the bathroom. the kids have to go #2. would you mind leading the fartpool today?

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