zesty sauce

zesty sauce is when a girl c-ms on a guys d-ck and then the c-m runs down the d-ck😉
oh no my zesty sauce is all over the bed now.

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  • gamma ray flamethrower

    defecating after eating a habanero pepper and consuming a large quant-ty of dairy products when you are lactose intolerant. “why did you drink that much milk dude! you’re lactose intolerant” “because the pepper was hot as f-ck man!” “well you have fun with the gamma ray flamethrower on the toilet in a few hours”

  • aduana ne

    v-g-n- i need her aduana ne “she wanna give me the aduana ne”

  • gleavage

    the sp-ce between man b–bs, i.e. guy cleavage tony caught the gravy from the french fries in his gleavage

  • rusty o ring

    when a man f-cks a person in the -ss then wipes the head on the partner’s lips as when applying lipstick. after a jack hammering -n-l session i turned her around and gave her a generous rusty o-ring just before she had to work.

  • b*tter tunnel

    a destination required for -n-l s-x or a piece of conveyor equipment in a large dairy factory. i’m going to take her up the b-tter tunnel tonight. tough shift? yeah, we had a blockage in the b-tter tunnel

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