a pevert oldman
you are a zetarn

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  • cool bead

    a righteous dude or dudette. man, he is a cool bead.

  • grasyn

    a sweet girl that is creative and a great friend. she is really athletic and smart . always funny when needed.loves animals . thinks of other people’s before herself. she has lots of perseverance. risk taker but knows the right thing to do. never a teachers favorite but still works as hard as possible. grasyn […]

  • the 1 meter problem

    when your d-ck is 1 meter long , and have to put it down your pants, making it hard to hide and making walking with it uncomfortable. guy 1: why is joe always walking so strange? guy 2: joe has the 1 meter problem. guy 1: geez, i guess size does not always matter…

  • bottle blowing

    when a woman is so s-xually frustrated and deprived she resorts to blowing a gl-ss beer bottle. this usually comes before using it as a d-ld-. i caught my sister bottle blowing yes day and i was disgusted and slightly turned on at the same time.

  • god church

    n. some stupid sh-t jake paul said. i just dropped some new merch, and it selling like a god church. an object bought without consideration of its price or materialistic value. i just dropped knew merchandise, and its selling like a godchurch a word utilized by potential rapper, jake paul, in his song “it’s everyday […]

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