a big b-tch that talk sh-t but wont hit. she always wears blonde ugly -ss weave in her muhhf-cking head. she claim she “jump hoes” but dont do sh-t. she’s the type who always wanna beef over n-gg-s, but supposed to be with a girl. she is always that hoe who gone pop off at the mouth, but will not fight unless she got someone around her. she flex for everybody and the only time she got sh-t to say is when she has an audience.

she a hoe.

she stank.

she giving up her p-ssy for the profit.

she a bad body b-tch, meaning, her body is made wrong as f-ck.
dont f-ck with her, shes a zetoria!

look at that zetoria over there.. big body b-tch.

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