a small piece of sh-t that’s soft but acts hard because he thinks he is good
stop being such a zeveni.

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  • jammy slab

    the act of s-xually rubbing jam on your d-ck and sticking it in between 2 pieces of bread and having someone eat it the misses wanted me to make her a sandwich so i gave her a good jammy slab

  • rough sleeper

    the term rough-sleeper is used to define homeless people in british slang. it’s etymology arises from sleeping in rough conditions such as on the street. rough sleepers were seen bedded-down on benches.

  • rickytheboss

    a short annoying fat person who has no friends and who is going to get deported and also questions the government. ps we are an experiment haha rickytheboss

  • dank tater chip

    a potato chip that smoke weed everyday this dank tater chip is amazing

  • kentavious

    a real n-gg- from orlando kentavious is a real n-gg-

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