zfs= zip, flop, suck
unzip, flop your schl-ng out, and have the object of your agression suck it good’n’hard.
work is realy sh-tting me, and my boss is riding me hard. well he can go zfs me

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  • International Sign of Yiff

    extending your middle and ring fingers while holding your index and pinky down with your thumb. used to designate yourself as part of the furry community or silently indicate something concerning yiff. i wasn’t sure what his fetish was until he flashed the international sign of yiff

  • International Zone

    the fancy new name for the war zone in burque. much to the shock and dismay of marty chavez, changing an area’s name doesn’t decrease the crime rate. hey, let’s go to that new vietnamese place in the war zone. i mean, sorry, the international zone.

  • interpretive dance

    a cross between twister and dry humping; often performed by stoned hippies to the sound of hand-drumming and/or didgeridoo. “check out those guys doing interpretive dance.” “um… that one’s a chick.” “… but her armpi-” “yeah, i know.”

  • Defecatus Academus

    latin for taking a dump in school. i couldn’t hold it til i got home, so i had to do the defecatus academus.

  • I ain't white

    meaning i’m doing well and i don’t act white what up, i ain’t white!

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