a thing or person that is or does something bad-ss; goat greatest of all time; unexpected thing someone does or is.
“wait dude, bow down to the zheir!”

“lol, dude can’t stop the trolling zheir.”

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  • f*cked up the base

    when a person or situation, automatically or on purpose blocks the graft a man has put on a female to get s-x. very much like a c-ckblock my flat mate won’t leave the house now he’s…..f-cked up the base

  • yard gar

    a cigar that is smoked in ones front, back, or side yard due to its cheaper cost and less that par flavor. hey man, got some yard gars! let’s go grab a natty and relax. honey! where is my sandwich?

  • vpa

    acronym for “virtual personal -ssistant ” or software that performs virtual tasks such as opening apps or files, usually performed via voice commands. popular ones are siri (apple), cortana (microsoft), and alexa (amazon). i love bossing my vpa around at work and at home. cortana and siri respectively

  • bojam

    someone who does silly or ridiculous things in a stupid way my sister poured coffee on her pancakes instead of maple syrup because she didn’t see the huge label on the bottle! what a bojam!

  • famagoon

    a goon that is also a family member (preferably an edgy teen) of my son. my famagoon consists of my edgy teen son

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