a hot guy with a big p-n-s
he is a ziad. yummm!

(zee -yeah- d)
also spelled as ziyad

noun, arabic origins

definition 1: the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects; perfection.

definition 2: super abundance; growth
person 1: hey, it’s ziad. =d
ziad: hey!
person 2: ziad makes me so angry, i am gonna shove his hand in a blender.
ziad: ='(
person 1: no! ziad! run!!!!!
ziad: -trips over shoelaces-
person 2: muahahahaha, bring over the blender person 3
person 3: -brings blender-
ziad: nooo!!!!! #@%@^@-&!!!!!!
handless ziad: how could you! you animal! now i won’t fit the definition on the urban dictionary. -cries himself to sleep-

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