ziann is usually a b-tch when it comes to friends and boys. she’s 2face and thinks she’s amazingly gorgeous! ziann is jealous is names that start with k,t,d,j,n,i and n she’s jealous of those names because either there better then her at a sport, there prettier then her, are dating the man she likes, stole her man or are jus better then her at everything. ziann likes most guys names that start with k,j,d and s people with the name of ziann are mostly known for saying they can fight and sayin they will “knock the sh-t out of u” ziann lips are usually dry. ziann don’t know when to stop talking and think everyone likes them. ziann often switches places like homes and school and places such like so. ziann is usually ditching friends for other based on colour.
ziann is a some what “pretty” b-tch

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