well, zieare is a fine -ss person like you’ll never meet a person like him he makes me smile when i see him his man hood is really huge ♥
zieare is a fine -ss lighskin/darkskin

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  • intimate domain

    when the government screws you out of your real estate and they claim it’s in the best interest of the public. the city took a piece of real estate from me through intimate domain and didn’t buy me dinner.

  • sh*gundy

    a sh-gundy is a big b-tch like a girl who is more than fat almost to the point were she can not walk through a door . almost to the point they create tiny earthquakes as they walk that sh-gundyover there got stuck in the door trying to walk through it

  • bilaloli

    long head in nigerian. a word used for when someone’s being long “i’ll be there in 5″ 3 hours later ” fam your taking long , your such a bilaloli”

  • chemfoolery

    clouds that have altered, due to chemicals being added to them in a deceiving manner. the strange clouds reveal chemfoolery has taken place, but i see they are trying to fool us into thinking they’re natural clouds.

  • clay bertrand

    the act of painting yourself gold for explicit purposes, named after the scene in oliver stone’s jfk where tommy lee jones as clay shaw (under the alias clay bertrand) paints himself in gold during a trippy h-m-s-xual orgy. “my girlfriend totally did a clay bertrand on me last night, got me so h-rny”.

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