ziggy is a name for people that are amazing. ziggies also talk to much. ziggies tend to be abnormally strange. some ziggies are really cool though.
ziggy is so weird, but he’s totally my best friend.
used in refrence to a big spliff
bob marley nicknamed his son nesta, ziggy, in refrence to a big spliff
you know when you pop a b-n-r in cl-ss? yeah, that, don’t lie, it happens. when you get one, just casually mention that you have a ziggy, everyone will know exactly what you mean.
mr. santana: william what is the matter?
william: i kinda have a ziggy.

mr. santana: ah…
no ziggy means a little spliff
fuss ting in the morning mi bun a ziggy
the most ballinest sh-t ever!!
that ziggy makes my dookie twinkle
1) really fresh

2) cooler than freddy jackson drinkin’ a milkshake in a snowstorm to keep his throat warm.

3) adjective to describe a friend, pal, buddy, or home skillet biscuit.

4) awesome

5) new, different, and good.
“ay yo, where you get them kicks? they h-lla ziggy.”

“w-ssup my ziggy dude? was poppin tonite?”

“dude, who made this chicken? its extra ziggy.”

“that buster did like 79 ziggy ollies in a row.”
a supercomputer located in the deserts of new mexico. inst-tuted to aid the quantum leap project in 1999, headed by dr. samuel beckett.
sam: dammit, ziggy, tell me something i don’t know!
ziggy: tina’s having an affair with gushie.

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