fake couple
zigi is faker than kim kardashian’s -ss
1: an object or action that is especially zigis.
2: a tall, blonde haired, blue eyed, 6’4″, californian in new york city.
1: yo that party last night was so zigis.
2: zigis is so zigis.
zayn malik and gigi hadid’s ship name.
“man, it really sucks that zigi broke up. they were so cute! i guess it was so that zayn could focus on his music..”
without a state of mind
steve just ate these weired looking plants and he looks a little zigi
a s-ssy and quick thinking girl who will not stop arguing with you until you succ-mb and admit she’s right.
i heard zigi and namjoon are debating again.. this time about rubber ducks and what they’re made out of.

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