Zimma and Peels

i loves you zimma! ^^
/me cuddles with zimma ^^

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  • zimme

    it is speeded up speach for “you hear me?” im going to get a drink, ya zimme

  • Zimmster

    kinda like a quickie, only faster and less satisfying. i got sh-tfaced and ended up with some guy at the bar giving me a zimmster. now i am extra hungover.

  • Zincca

    black guy who plays world of warcraft zincca is a troll rogue with a crazy -ss sister who f-cks up my raids.

  • zinced

    refering to the fact that sperm contains zinc, alternate term for j-zz. “so did you get zinced last night by that ginger bro?”

  • Shaozu

    shaozu is a word commonly used meaning to chop a man’s b-lls off with a sharp and or serrated object. 1) your sister’s boyfriends is coming over and you heard that he hits your sister so you scream “shaozu!” to his face warning him of the inevitable danger. 2) that idiot hit me in the […]

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