a dark-gray, gritty, water-insoluble, poisonous powder, zn 3 p 2 , used chiefly as a rodenticide.

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  • Gahnite

    a dark-green to black mineral of the spinel group, zinc aluminate, znal 2 o 4 . noun a dark green mineral of the spinel group consisting of zinc aluminium oxide. formula: znal2o4

  • Zinc-stearate

    a white, fine, soft, water-insoluble powder, zn(c 18 h 35 o 2) 2 , used in the manufacture of cosmetics, ointments, and lacquers, as a drying agent for rubber, and as a waterproofing agent for textiles, paper, etc.

  • Zinc-sulfate

    a colorless, crystalline, water-soluble powder, znso 4 ⋅7h 2 o, used for preserving skins and wood, in the electrodeposition of zinc, in the bleaching of paper, as a mordant in calico printing, and in medicine as an astringent, styptic, and emetic. zinc sulfate a colorless crystalline compound used especially in hydrated form as an emetic […]

  • Zinc-sulfide

    a white to yellow, crystalline powder, zns, soluble in acids, insoluble in water, occurring naturally as wurtzite and sphalerite: used as a pigment and as a phosphor on x-ray and television screens.

  • Zinc-sulphate

    noun a colourless soluble crystalline substance usually existing as the heptahydrate or monohydrate: used as a mordant, in preserving wood and skins, and in the electrodeposition of zinc. formula: znso4 also called white vitriol, zinc vitriol historical examples riding and driving edward l. anderson essentials of diseases of the skin henry weightman stelwagon encyclopaedia britannica, […]

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