chemistry. a ductile, bluish-white metallic element: used in making galvanized iron, br-ss, and other alloys, and as an element in voltaic cells. symbol: zn; atomic weight: 65.37; atomic number: 30; specific gravity: 7.14 at 20°c.
a piece of this metal used as an element in a voltaic cell.
to coat or cover with zinc.
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historical examples

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a brittle bluish-white metallic element that becomes coated with a corrosion-resistant layer in moist air and occurs chiefly in sphalerite and smithsonite. it is a const-tuent of several alloys, esp br-ss and nickel-silver, and is used in die-casting, galvanizing metals, and in battery electrodes. symbol: zn; atomic no: 30; atomic wt: 65.39; valency: 2; relative density: 7.133; melting pt: 419.58°c; boiling pt: 907°c
(informal) corrugated galvanized iron
symbol zn
a shiny, bluish-white metallic element that is brittle at room temperature but is malleable when heated. it is used in alloys such as br-ss and bronze, as a coating for iron and steel, and in various household objects. zinc is essential to human and animal growth. atomic number 30; atomic weight 65.39; melting point 419.4°c; boiling point 907°c; specific gravity 7.133 (25°c); valence 2. see periodic table.

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