a portmanteau of zionist and neocon, generally used by people who have a thing about jews, such as islamists, and ‘antizionists’ (often indistinguishable from antisemites) comprised of the far-left (who in the modern era ally with islamists) and the far-right (national socialists, i.e. n-z-s), and not forgetting the conspiracy minded that also talk of the ‘illuminati’, chemtrails, and how jet fuel doesn’t melt steel beams.
end the ziocon occupation! not to capitalism! no to israel! yes to hamas! viva socialism! #jezwecan #feelthebern … yes, sorry, how much for the mocha frappucino?
conflation of zionist and neocon. many of these individuals are responsible pushing the us & britain to invade iraq. they do the bidding of aipac and hence israel.
a partial list of ziocons includes: paul wolfowitz, richard perle, elliott abrams, doulas feith, david wurmser, lewis ‘scooter’ libby, david frum, charles krauthammer, norman podh-r-tz, irving kristoll, midge decter, dov zakheim, robert b. zoellick, eliot cohen, william kristoll, robert kagan, joshua muravchik, meyrav wurmser, irwin stelzer, michael ledeen, daniel pipes, lawrence kaplan, marty peretz, david brooks, john podh-r-tz, neal kozodoy, jonah goldberg

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