zip lining

a code word for getting far with another person s-xually. extreme zip lining is going all the way.
matt went zip lining with allison at the party last night.

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  • chugart

    when your at the bar drinking whiskey and you fart and the whole bar can smell it. guy #1: dude how was it at the bar last night? guy #2: i had a really big chugart and everyone felt it.

  • peonette

    female peon; a woman who does hard or boring work for very little money the peonette had been hooked on the crack, too much.

  • rottening

    when something is going bad or sour. she is rottening from the inside out.

  • when there is a war

    something trump won’t pay attention to because of his “tweeting” mr.trump, i… ” not now, i’m tweeting!” but when there is a war!… ” what did i just say!”

  • cloud plans

    when you and someone else make arrangements to hang out but the plans we’re not officially made, therefore they can diminish like a cloud in the sky “so are you and __ hanging out later?” “i don’t know, we made cloud plans”

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