zit bust

akin to drug bust; the act (often violent) of removing offending acne (or zits) from bodily surface either autonomously or by third party.
dude 1 : hey man, you got some mean looking’ acne all over your back ! why don’tcha do a zit bust or somethin’ ?
dude 2 : good idea. since i can’t reach most of them myself, do you wan’t to pop them for me ?

dude 1: me, bust your zits for you ? man, that’s m-th-f-ckin’ gross !!! just call the zit police !
dude 2 : the zit cops ? i was thinking about maybe attending a zit popper’s convention and having someone there do it for free, as a demonstration.
dude 1 : nah, take too long. just call the f-ckin’ zit police. they’ll remove them m-th-f-ckers fast !

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