just a total goon that’s part of a zito gang full of goons. a zito is defined as a weird goon that does weird and random things.
#1: bro javi is such a zito

#2: yeah i know all he does is mess around with our lacrosse gear with his squad of zitos
the best thing to happen to the universe since planets.
zito is what it’s all about.
1. the most awesome homeroom teacher ever.
2.to have an ex wife whos a sl-t.
3. really cool dude :d
4.to be so awesome, people worship you.
dude, did you see that guy? hes such a zito.
a falsification of the the truth. something that just sounds so bizarre its got to be made up.
person a: dude, do you know why van-damme ain’t one of the expandables?..it’s cos he got -ss wooped by micky rourke..kakow!

person b: wizzit?..your havin’ a larf!

person c: ha! get you facts straight you orange!.. it was chuck zito who beat him, not rourke!

person b: what a load of zito!

person a: me b-tches!
innocent guy who has been repeatdly cheated by his h-rny wife
zito: “will you go home now?”
wife:”dammit zito, of course no, i must earn my money with our boss”
to zito someone means to kick their -ss. comes from chuck zito, the guy who beat up jean claude van damme
he gave me an att-tude so i zitoed his -ss.
well hung teenagers who go to spring ford.

see: pimp
“evil_ash” “big lazer tron”

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