dumb -ss thot b-tch who likes to start problems. she likes to be all up in others business and she’s not very pretty. in fact she looks like she got run over multiple times by an 18 wheeler. she dresses like she buys her clothes at shoppers drug mart and offers to give black kids top for fun. she’s a herpes infected wh-r- bag with too many problems to count on her fingers.
i’m so ugly, i’m having a zjahdai kinda day
a b-tch who doesn’t know how to keep her life together.
sometimes very irrelevant ( most of the time )
doesn’t know how to stfu.
in a basic description – dumb b-tch, alien lookin -ss, very annoying.
damien: this girl don’t know when to stfu…
jayden: ohh you mean that b-tch -ss alien zjahdai?

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