zoe hunt

zoe hunt is the greatest person you could meet. they are beautiful, funny, and closet thing to perfection. that make even the darkest days brighten
there goes a zoe hunt. voted best person alive

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  • dead woman

    an older woman that a younger woman feels challenged by her experience and has flirted shamelessly with her husband or boyfriend gurl is that the dead woman’s man you made a move on! she ain’t buried yet.

  • rubber splash

    when your having s-x and right before you c-m, you pull out and whip her with the condom, and then j-zz on her face and or body. i can’t believe i got alisha with the rubber splash last night bro.

  • bloopfart

    a bloopnart’s fart (or a bloopnart’s brother) my bloopfart is annoying as heck.

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    after you eat a girl out and you have p-ssy juice on your mustache and it has little crusties on it. i ate out alisha and the next day a i had a dirty stash!

  • toe sucking club

    when you give the good suck in a group bob: yo dawg lemme suck dog: k :0 bob: its for my toe sucking club

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