the act of having bomb–ss s-x
you down for zoinking tonight.
term used under compelete and utter confusion or fear.
zoinking! (used by itself)

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  • soccer savage

    when ur being a typical savage while playing soccer chill this guy is being a typical soccer savage

  • finnese your juicy cheeks

    sticking your d-ck in a big booty did you finnese your juicy cheeks last night.

  • extraqueericular

    an extracurricular activity popular to queer students (i.e. drama club, choir, art club) i’m only doing extraqueericular activities so i can meet guys.

  • purdie pie

    when you’re playing pretend with your girlfriend and have s-x at the same time but then she finds out your d-ck is super small. “we were having such a good time but then he pulled a purdie-pie”

  • ultimate football

    a game football game but can be played with other sports equipment. players p-ss to each other until one team has p-ssed the ball to the end zone of the other team. hey, do you want to play some ultimate football? i got a bean bag!

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