there aren’t any definitions for zoltun yet.

can you define it?

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  • microscopic business

    a business smaller than a micro-business. a microscopic business has only one or two employees and its headquarters building is so small you can’t even see it. i want you to take a tour of my microscopic business tiny electronics.

  • nightmaricide

    worst nightmare; the thing someone fears most the man’s nightmaricide was his parents’ arguments, growing up.

  • rasjah

    he got a lil d-ck rasjah tryna smash her no u got a lil kodak

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    beep beep i’m a sheep is a popular phrase popularized by tomska a.k.a thomas ridgewell in his new youtube video t-tled asdfmovie10.beep beep i’m a sheep is also the name of a song by lildeucedeuce ft. tomska and blackgryph0n. beep beep i’m a sheep, i said beep beep i’m a sheep!

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    a dolphin-humanoid who frequents the depths of tumblr and survives on a diet of rice and barley tea. she will show you 83 photos of her cat whether you ask her or not. a kind and benevolent creature, she will tend to your wounds when you are ill and listen to your grievances with an […]

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