a dumb-ss account owned by two b-tches
cole: yo did you see that account that aly made? it’s so gross
henry: it’s totally a zoludy!!! ew

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  • hey thats mildly adequate

    a phrase used when you want to give someone props for something that isn’t even “pretty good”, but isn’t quite bad either. it’s just barely p-ssable, and therefore “mildly adequate” ben: “what do you think?” tom thinks to self: well, it wasn’t that good, but it wasn’t bad… tom: “hey, that’s mildly adequate!”

  • kridler

    bad -ss who will steal you’re girl has the biggest d-ck and is the best sports player at any sport. jesse kridler

  • kiddiliwinks

    amusing term of affection for children. grandpa says: what are you up to? mum says: hanging out with the kiddiliwinks generally used to describe young children. funnier when used to describe older children who have grown into adults.

  • old fashion victor

    when you mix a guinness and vodka preferably belvedere to 3:1 ratio. p-ss my an old fashion victor, more vodka the better

  • monicko

    someone that takes great talent in fidget spinning and dabbing did you hear, monicko got a new fidget spinner today.

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